I don't cook meat often. Whats the best way to cook short ribs to add to a chili?

I want to make my chili vegetarian in the slow cooker and then I want to be able to add short ribs when I reheat it. I'm finding great recipes for short ribs, but most are for eating them as the meal. I like to cook the chili a day or two before I plan to eat it. Since I'm feeding vegetarians and non-vegetarians, I want to be able to add the meat when serving. Maybe I'm asking too much...Thanks for any feedback!!!

  • Posted by: Rosey
  • February 16, 2018


nina P. February 17, 2018
You can do this by searing the short ribs until they are cooked medium and the fat renders out and the outside becomes a bit crispy. Salt and Pepper is all you need.
If you like them falling off the bone which is traditional you need to simmer them in an auxiliary pot of chili. If you don't mind them as a less tender but wonderfully with a flavorful "chew" just serve them on a platter stacked beautifully as an addendum. I've done this and its delicious and rustic.
Stephanie B. February 16, 2018
For meat in chili, I would think something very tender (similar to slow-cooked meat chili) would be good - maybe try braising it?
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