This dish sounds lovely, I'm a bit confused by the order of the steps. It appears that SThis dish sounds lovely but the steps are confusing. Shoul...

...d Step 7 be right after step 2



arcane54 January 22, 2014
Thank you Figandquince for the clarification and to LE BEC FIN for the lesson on reaching authors. Always a beginner!
Fig A. January 22, 2014
Arcane54, thank you for pointing out the confusion! Looks like I made an error when inputting the directions. I just edited the recipe and fixed it. Grateful to Le Bec Fin (thank you) for both answering your question and also alerting me to the problem.
LeBec F. January 22, 2014
hi arcane, yes, you are exactly right. After the spinach has been smushed dry, it should then be chopped, before fllowing the garlic into the pan. Alot of recipe chefs don't check the hotline so what i try to do when i notice an error like this (also there are always new 52 members just learning the ropes): i email the chef via the envelope symbol on their member profile page, and hopefully she can edit the directions before the Greens contest closes. I'll contact her now. The dish sounds so lovely! Figandquince is really quite the talent!
arcane54 January 22, 2014
FIRST question... sheesh.
arcane54 January 22, 2014
Well, posted my fist question on the Hotline using the Questions tab, didn't work out very well, did it? Simply put - Step 7 refers to chopping the drained spinach, but it's the last step. Should it come after Step 2?
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