My chicken stock has congealed when I put in the fridge, is it garbage or can I still use?

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SeaJambon January 22, 2014
Congratulations! The congealing is a mark of quality and success (makes you think a bit differently about those easy flowing boxed or canned stocks, doesn't it?). You've done well. :)

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amysarah January 22, 2014
It's not only fine, it's great. It will liquefy when heated, but congealing means it contains a lot of gelatin from the chicken bones - which will help thicken and give body to your sauces.
pierino January 22, 2014
Yes, this is exactly what is supposed to happen. This question is frequently raised by inexperienced cooks who are used to the stuff in the can or the box. This gelatinous quality is exactly what you want. And also, be sure to strain your stock well before refrigeration.
winnie January 22, 2014
chicken stock gets a jell like consistency when chilled. it is fine
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