Chicken Francaise question....

Used a recipe my Mom gave me that everyone seems to love. My issue is that I must have either (or both) added too much wine and lemon juice and the sauce is very pungent. Since I am a decent cook, I made sure NOT to put the chicken in the sauce yet so there is still time to fix it. I have added some water, chicken stock and a bit more butter and it got a bit less strong but was wondering what other ingredients you can add to a recipe to compensate for a too flavor?

Christine Vichi


sweetlolo April 12, 2017
If you mean it's still a bit too acidic, you can add a very small amount of baking soda, which will neutralize the acid. I'd start with about 1/8 teaspoon, and then add more as needed.
Christine V. April 12, 2017
Thank you, I will try that. Crossing my fingers.
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