Chef Falkner's Nougat Recipe

Looking for a nougat recipe by Elizabeth Falkner from a magazine (not in Demolition Desserts) that required rice crispies. Made it once and now I can't find it! It would probably be three years old... I'm thinking it was from Bon Appetit. Thanks!!



Greenstuff January 26, 2014
Ask-a-mom is often better than Google! Tell her she should put her skills to work here on the Hotline.
FutureChef January 26, 2014
In case this drives anyone else crazy in the future, I caved; I asked my mom, thereby justifying her (recipe) hoarding behavior. It was disguised, referred to as "crunch". Warning: it's addictive-- and if you intend to make the cake it's intended for, make extra crunch for 'quality control'.
LeBec F. January 27, 2014
futurechef, this recipe looks great, wicked complicated but great. I wanted to share a few thoughts. I don't know why liz says 'this can be made i day in advance' all the time; you can make many of those steps weeks in advance i.e.
* praline- just keep in airtight container, otherwise moisture makes it go soft. (Remember to not try and work with meringue on a high humidity/rainy day.)
* Cake could be made and frozen; or refrigerated, well wrapped, for about 5 or more days w/o beginning to dry out.
*other components also could be done a few days in advance .
You can also crumble that crunch and sprinkle it on top of things buttercream icing.
cookbookchick January 26, 2014
I spent some time Googling, too -- no luck. I also looked at Bon Appetit online and found nothing.
Amanda H. January 26, 2014
I just Googled it and was not able to find it, so hopefully someone who knows it will weigh in.
LeBec F. January 26, 2014
have you tried a google search yet? sounds like you have enough i.d.'s to track it down pretty easily.
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