Does anyone have experience cooking with rice powder? I finished reading "The Last Chinese Chef" by Nicole Montes and am dying to make the Pork Ribs in Lotus Leaf ( In the book, they described the rice powder as crispy (even though they don't in the link I provided) however I purchased some roasted rice powder at a Vietnamese market that's simply powder, not crispy. Is there another type or way to make rice powder that does produce something crispy? Is it puffed rice ground up?



RavensFeast November 4, 2010
Thanks all, hoping to try this on Sunday. Although, now I need to run out and find lotus leaf! @luvcookbooks thanks for the rec on the Rav. Couple...I can't tell you how many random ingredients I have stashed away in my pantry that need to be appreciated (or at least understood!). If I see something I've never heard of, I usually bring it home. I'd rent a a storage locker if I didn't live alone ; )
luvcookbooks November 4, 2010
Try Anh Nguyen an The Ravenous Couple for recipes with vietnamese roasted rice powder. I have a package but haven't tried a recipe yet. Husband complaining about groceries purchased with enthusiasm and then languishing in kitchen and dining rm. Considering secretly renting storage locker.
mrslarkin November 1, 2010
I loved that book! And the recipe sounds pretty easy! Let us know how it turns out if you make it, RavensFeast.
lsh7041 November 1, 2010
i just toast rice and grind in coffee grinder - then use it for fabulous Thai laarb (sp?) spicy chicken salad
RavensFeast November 1, 2010
This is exactly the advice I needed, thank you! Now I'll also have to look into what to do with my Vietnamese fine roasted rice powder ; )
monkeymom November 1, 2010
Yes, I do! The chinese rice powder is probably different than the vietnamese one you already purchased. The Chinese version is pebbly, not powdery as it is not ground as fine. It is regular rice that is ground and toasted and often there is five spice in it as well. My mom did use to make her own by grinding rice to a pebbly texture. But if you can go to an Asian market you can find the pre-made type as well, which is what I do. The resulting dish is never crispy, as it is steamed. It is tasty though!
I found this product on Amazon: (
Here is a website that I found by googling. It has some images of the typical chinese dish using the powder.
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