vegan bearnaise

Like the classic steak and bearnaise, however looking to use some tarragon with a butter & yolk substitute. Any suggestions?

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Alexandra V. January 27, 2014
This is the cauliflower "steak" oscar I made using this method.
Lauren's P. January 27, 2014
Very creative...I like that and will soon try.
Alexandra V. January 27, 2014
Cauliflower steamed in a bit of plain almond milk, is one way I have made a vegan type Hollandaise. I used an orange colored cauliflower I found at the farmers market...but if you can't find one a pinch or two of turmeric gives it a nice egg yolk color, I used a bit of earth balance "butter" whisked in at the end. Just blend your cooked cauliflower and almond milk with your "butter" in a blender or I used an immersion blender, it emulsifies well and look spot on for the full fat original! Cheers! Happy cooking!
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