Vegan bread glaze

What can I use to brush on my loaves before baking? It needs to be vegan. Would canola oil work as well as melted butter?



minibakersupreme April 9, 2013
Thanks everyone! I figured my instincts were correct, but don't bake vegan regularly enough to be completely sure.
HalfPint April 8, 2013
Soy milk will work as a vegan glaze. Almond milk too.
ZombieCupcake April 8, 2013
Coconut Oil is great is you have a sweet bread :)
minibakersupreme April 8, 2013
I would certainly use margarine if I had some, but sadly I don't! Thanks for the help, guys!
Monita April 8, 2013
What about a non-dairy margarine.
boulangere April 8, 2013
Not quite as well, but it will certainly help give it a good shine. Olive oil would work nicely, too.
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