What would you do with 1/2 gallon pre-made chocolate milk?

I recently took home 1/2 a gallon of chocolate milk (2% milk, sugar, chocolate, some thickeners, vitamins). It's not my favorite type of thing but I thought it would be easy to make some sort of fudgesicles or a pudding with some quick modifications, but this is still a lot of liquid! I can't imagine just drinking it all (hot or cold...I doubt I'll get through it all myself). Ideas for working it into a dessert (or a few?)



mama J. January 28, 2014
You could try a chocolate Tres Leches cake!
LeBec F. January 28, 2014
milk freezes just fine. so, maybe this sounds 'Duh' but use it for any dessert that uses milk? pudding, flan,Indian ras malai,for cooking brkfst oatmeal...
You could also reduce it so it becomes more like light cream. Maybe you could make chocolate ricotta with it for a pie or strudel filling...
Diana B. January 28, 2014
It should freeze, if you wanted to parcel it into smaller containers. I drink the stuff, so that's what I'd do with it, but if you take milk in your coffee, that would be one thing I suggest. I almost never have milk or cream in the fridge, so when I have dinner guests who want coffee after the meal, that's what I provide. Some look askance the first time, but they always seem very pleasantly surprised at what it does for coffee.
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