Hosting a surprise birthday brunch for a friend tomorrow morning and one of my ovens has broken. There are going to be 14 guests. Thinking of making individual egg frittatas in muffin tins. Can I make these today and reheat them? Any suggestions for making sure they do not stick? I am using my grandmothers muffin tins. Thanks!



Kelsey S. February 1, 2014
There is just nothing like fresh, warm eggs. I would make them morning of.

For nonstick - just butter the muffin tin. It will brown the edges, keep things from sticking, and add a gentle flavor.
yeast L. February 1, 2014
Cold and room temp frittata are delicious too.

For reheating in a microwave, use low power and just make sure they are well covered so they don't dry out. In an oven, a short amount of time at high (like 400 F) heat should work out.

Happy birthday to your friend!
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