Can you make filled ebelskivers in muffin tins? Or do you need the special pan? If you can use muffin tins, what technique would you use? I am thinking of making the lemon mascarpone filled ones.



aargersi February 28, 2014
If you are on Amazon Prime you can have a non-stick one delivered almost by the time you click "submit order" - it's a specialty pan be we love ours!
CarlaCooks February 28, 2014
If you ever visit Denmark, you can find a used cast iron æbleskiver pan for under $10! I know that doesn't help you now, though.
bigpan February 27, 2014
The secret to the ebelskiver pan is the wells are round. That allows you to flip the over easily when the bottom is done. (I use a toothpick).
Muffin tins have flat bottoms which mean it is difficult to flip and if the are not round they are not ebelskivers !
Our pan is cast iron, seasoned correctly as it has been used for over 50 years . Therefore buying the right pan will last and last.
Also, you can experiment with different recipes. One of our favorites is a Japanese recipe where they are filled with octopus ! Delicious.
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