Hi, We are having a Sunday Sundae Brunch next Sunday with homemade ice cream sundaes. There is also brunch, which will be pot luck I want to provide

I want to provide a few dishes that will be a back bone in case the pot luck misses some categories. I don't know how many people will be there (likely 10-20) and will be at a baby shower the day before. The ice cream will be made the day before and only frozen the day of and the toppings are quick...
my co host is vegetarian and a demon cook. He is traveling from Washington DC so I want to do most of the cooking but also want to do him proud. I also want a delicious brunch drink menu. Ideas?



LeBec F. February 12, 2014
Such fun to hear about; they must have had a BLAST!thx for the report and congrats for pulling that all together so successfully!
luvcookbooks February 9, 2014
We had a good time. When people came in, there were snacks and coffee and cold drinks.
I made individual bowls of ochazuke. A spoonful of whole grain Japanese rice, toppings added per the guest, topped with a fried quail egg and a cup of gen mai cha tea.
Chopped salad (thanks, AJ) and toasts. I got breads from The Silver Moon Bakery and toppings from Amanda Hesser's book Cooking for Mr. Latte, loosely... cocoa and chocolate bread topped with ricotta and chopped chocolate or chestnut honey, whole grain bread topped with green olive crema, caponata, cooked garlic cloves in olive oil and herbs, or peperonata crema, etc.

For dessert, orange custard chocolate chip ice cream with chocolate glaze made with cognac and tres leches ice cream, thyme toasted almonds.

Single malt scotch to finish the meal. Laphroaig.

Two of the guests stayed and did most of the dishes.

Most of the guests drank seltzer with a spiced pear syrup I got from Grandaisy. A few drank white wine and hot spiced cider and one drank the single malt before the meal. I forgot to warm the sake and it is waiting for another meal.

I encourage everyone to try the ochazuke. It's so easy! If you have rice, you have a meal.

Thanks for all of your suggestions... oxx, M
luvcookbooks February 6, 2014
Sexy lambchops, I thought about this for a long time. First, if you think about this as soup, salad and dessert it may be easier to understand. Second, we are a group of physicians and physicians will eat anything at any time, if necessary using a tongue depressor for a fork/knife/spoon. It's just a different level of put together .... and AJ, I never stress about what people might bring because they may or may not even be able to come. Asking what they will bring is far beyond what I would consider possible. Still, we have a good enough time that this is our fourth annual. I really appreciate everyone's input and got some great ideas. oxx to this site always!!
luvcookbooks February 5, 2014
Thank you, le bec fin! I had read that salad and wine are not a great combo but had forgotten--there will be other options as well as alcohol... kids'll be there. Plan Seltzers, juice and water. Tea for non coffee drinkers.
LeBec F. February 5, 2014
So many neat sounding things, meg, but i must say- wine and salad are an infamously yechy combination because of the acid in the vinegar, and i hope you'll offer some flavored Polar too.
sexyLAMBCHOPx February 5, 2014
Sake seems like a perfect match (my favorite hot or cold) with Ochazuke. I'm in CT and share your weather pains. Don't forget some Irish coffee (with baileys & Jameson's) yes, everyone has their own tastes. I hope you had a nice get together.
sexyLAMBCHOPx February 5, 2014
yikes, just re-read. ice cream, Asian rice soup & wine. are you sre about this menu?
luvcookbooks February 5, 2014
So, yes ... Plan to make ochazuke to be served with sake, for those who would like it ... it's very cold and wet here in NYC, so that seemed like a nice option. Ochazuke is a lovely steaming hot soup made with green tea and rice. For those who would prefer a salad, there will be salad makings with bread and spreads and a simple white and simple red wine to go with the salad. After the salad, there will be sundaes, tres leches cake and coffee. After we have eaten everything, we will have a finger or two of single malt Scotch. Everyone to their own taste, no??
sexyLAMBCHOPx February 5, 2014
Hmm, Ice Cream sundae Bar, Salad Bar & Wine? Makes my tummy hurt thinking about it.
luvcookbooks February 5, 2014
OK, making ochazuke, saladand little toasts. This is great!! I am completely clueless about the wine (and perhaps wine is not the right drink for this menu?)
ATG117 February 3, 2014
Love the salad mix-in idea, seeing that you'll be having the ice cream sundae bar. Perhaps you can bake or purchase some good bread, and leave out some spreads. I think that would about round things out.
luvcookbooks February 3, 2014
AJ, makings for a big salad is a great idea! You are the best!
AntoniaJames February 3, 2014
With ice cream sundaes as the main event, that's what everyone will want! Also, if you toast up a variety of seeds and pine nuts -- including with salt + finely chopped herbs -- you can put them out for the sundae bar as well. I can guarantee that people will go for them, all the while exclaiming what a genius you are. (I'd be sure to roast some pecans in olive oil with crunchy salt, too, for this purpose. Your guests will love you forever.) ;o)
AntoniaJames February 3, 2014
Sorry, that should be "lcb" not "LVC." Jumped the gun on that one, obviously. ;o)
AntoniaJames February 3, 2014
LVC, you can save yourself a fair bit of worry by checking with the potluck guests to find out, now, what they're bringing. Some may ask for suggestions, based on what everyone else is bringing. In any event, have on hand everything you need (prepped) to put together a big salad; keep nuts on the side for people with allergies to add in. Small bowls of crumbled cheeses on the side are also a nice touch. I'd also make the base for my not-recipe quinoa salad, with roasted vegetable add-ins as well as some quick-pickled chard stems. (I posted a recipe for a lentil salad last week that includes instructions for making those. When using red stems, they make a bright addition to any winter salad. Use red quinoa if you go that route.) The best thing about making all these components is that, if you don't need them, you're all set for lunch and building some great dinner meals next week! ;o)
Lindsay-Jean H. February 3, 2014
I love the resolution! (and will keep thinking!)
luvcookbooks February 3, 2014
Lindsay, I did look at the round up. I'm interested in suggestions that might be a little lighter because of the sundaes... not a typical brunch offering. Great round up, btw!! Also I'm interested in a wine pairing for whatever dish I make. My only NY resolution was to drink more wine and learn along the way!!
Lindsay-Jean H. February 3, 2014
There's a roundup of a lot of great suggestions for brunch dishes and drinks here: http://food52.com/blog/9574-how-to-do-brunch-right
Rachel P. February 3, 2014
Well for something that can be made ahead, breakfast casserole? I love the New York version in the Smitten Kitchen book if you have it, as you can make it the night before, it feeds loads of people, and it is veggie as smoked salmon goes on the side.
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