Cast iron skillet feels sticky after I seasoned it

Hi. I seasoned my cast iron skillet with oil in a low oven for an hour and let it sit- but the coating feels sticky, like gross old oil. Is this normal? Now what? Thanks! ( ps yes I looked on old threads but this seems to be a new plot twist...)

Mei Chin


Sam1148 February 4, 2014
You used too much oil. Washing it out could be difficult. Use a Brillo pad to scrub it and start again.

And remember go very thin...multiple coats at 500 or so for 30 mins then cool and repeat about 4 times.
sfmiller February 4, 2014
Since you used a low oven, you haven't really seasoned the pan, you've just heated oil in it.

To get actual seasoning, you need to heat the pan to a temperature above the smoke point of the fat you're using. 450 F is hot enough for most vegetable oils. At temperatures above the smoke point, the oil starts to break down chemically and form new compounds (polymers) that bind to the iron. This doesn't happen at lower temperatures, as you've discovered.

It's easily fixed. Wipe or wash out the goo that's there now and start over with a thin layer of fresh oil in a hot oven.

Be advised that there's an unfortunate byproduct of exceeding the smoke point: smoke. Run your exhaust fan, open windows if you can, and warn your significant others before you do this.
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