making two roast chickens at once. Will it take longer, should I raise oven temperature?

I have been making this recipe forever with one 3-4 lb bird. I season the cavity,stuff with fresh rosemary, one lemon quartered and several cloves of garlic. Rub skin with olive oil and bake at 425 for 10 minutes and then 375 for an hour. (old NYT magazine recipe) I usually do it in a grill-ridged cast iron skillet.

  • Posted by: rayva
  • November 6, 2011


Bevi November 6, 2011
I concur - roasting 2 chickens is the way to go. And do leave some space between the birds!
rayva November 6, 2011
Hey thanks everyone! Just needed y'all to support my inclination. love this site!
boulangere November 6, 2011
Promise me, promise me, promise me you'll ALWAYS roast 2 chickens at a time. It takes as long to roast 2 as it does 1 (ok, well maybe a little bit longer, but I trust you're getting my drift), and you have all that lovely meat to pull off and freeze, plus twice the stock ingredients! Why would you ever do it differently! Over the past several years I've gone from cooking for four, to cooking for three, and now for one, and that is still my story, and I'm sticking to it.
loubaby November 6, 2011
Just make sure your chickens have some space between them...The more you crowd them, the longer it might take. Or put them in separate pans if you have room in your oven...then they should cook the same time.
Greenstuff November 6, 2011
I often roast two chickens at once, and any difference in time is negligible.
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