Gas Stove clicking

Hi!! I'm doggsitting and I used their fancy gas stove to make some not so fancy eggs, and now I'm super worried because it keeps clicking! The clicking sounds like it is trying to ignite a burner, and all of the burners are sparking at the ignition point, but everything is off. I'm super scared something will blow up or that I broke it!
I am a technology no-nothing soooo please help!

Sarah Daniels


ATL February 5, 2014
This has happened to me when moisture gets into the burner, such as any extra from cleaning around the burner. Turn the gas off. The burner will continue to click and after a while the clicks will slow down and finally stop. Them turn the gas back on. This has happened to me a couple of times but is an easy fix.
Sarah D. February 4, 2014
Okay, I'm not sure what happened but it stopped on its own after about an hour and a half! Hope I didn't break anything ><
Thanks for coming to my rescue guys!
SKK February 4, 2014
My stove clicks and does not ignite the burner is not centered.
Maedl February 4, 2014
If the stove clicks and the sparks are not igniting, it sounds as if the gas may have been turned off. If you smell gas, then I would get help immediately--and get both the dog and yourself out. Otherwise, I din't think you are in danger.
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