What to do with 2/3 a can of leftover evaporated milk?

My sister asked me this question, and since I had no idea what to tell her, I am turning to the wise Food52 community!

She make monkey bread with the first 1/3 of the can, but would prefer to repurpose the rest for something else.

Cristina Sciarra


Cristina S. February 6, 2014
Thanks for the advice!
LeBec F. February 5, 2014
cristina, funny, i asked about evap milk last week on the Hotline. For 1/3 cup of it, your sister could easily make her monkey bread with any milk or cream, and NOone could tell the difference! the whole thing makes me want to write an article called "The Hoax of the Evaporated Milk Campaign."
kimhw February 5, 2014
Does she make monkey bread often? If so, I would freeze in 1/3 cup portions and she will have it for next time.
HalfPint February 5, 2014
Make fudge,
petitbleu February 5, 2014
You can pretty much use it anywhere you would use milk--even in your coffee or tea. Cream soups, baking recipes, white sauces, etc.
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