Dispenser for measuring sugar spoonfuls?

Do you know of a convenient dispenser for sugar by the spoon or half spoon? I'm going to make some Truvia substitute for a friend who uses individual packets for drinks because it will save quite a bit on cost (she uses a lot.) But she needs a convenient dispenser to place by her chair (hard for her to move around.) I was thinking of something near spill proof and she said she had once seen a dispenser that you turn upside down and it measures a portion? Sounds familiar, know of something?



bigpan February 9, 2014
Check some antique or thrift shops. Diner cafes of years gone by had glass sugar dispensers with a spout and little flap that stopped the flow after one portion - which was about one teaspoon.
Dona February 8, 2014
Automatic Sugar and Spice Dispenser 1 or 1/2 Tablespoon At the Push of a Button
I saw this on amazon, might work?
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