Is anyone familiar with a citrus fruit called “limaquat”?

I found limaquats on sale at the store, got a little bucket of them and ponder what to do with them now.
They look (and the name suggests this, too) like a lemon-kumquat hybrid and are unwaxed, so I’m thinking of candying them or making marmalade.
Any experience with this or other ideas?

lem monade
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mickle February 11, 2014
Glad you liked my suggestions; will try to find a reference for my favorite Morrocan shrimp
LeBec F. February 10, 2014
lem, where are you and where do they come from? thx
lem M. February 10, 2014
I am in Vienna, Austria, and the limequats were grown in the region of Murcia, Spain, from where – together with southern Italy – most of the citrus sold in central europe comes.
mickle February 10, 2014
I forgot to add that your idea to candy them is great, too!
mickle February 10, 2014
It is a cross between a lime and a kumquat and supposedly more flavor than a lime although, I have not tasted one. How about using for one or more of the following: substitute in key lime pie, a mojito, make. Preserved limaquat using a preserved lemon recipe to be used in future recipes, Moroccan shrimp, a spritzer with vodka and sparkling water, etc
lem M. February 10, 2014
Thank you so much, these suggestions sound perfect (moroccan shrimp?!) and I might have to try out each and every one of them – just started with an after-dinner gimlet (vodka's not my poison), which is absolutely delicious. They do have a lovely balance of acid, the mellowness of lime juice and that punchy, slightly bitter flavour of kumquat zest.
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