candied citrus peel that doesn't start with x# of fruit?

Making marmalade today. Loads of citrus peel leftover from making the fruit juice for the marmalade. Thought I could make some candied peel ready for X-mas baking.

Thing is, every recipe I have, starts with "the peel from x number of fruit". I've already chopped up the excess peel from the marmalade and can't remember how many lemons and oranges it was. Are there any recipes that start with X amount of peel - cups/weight/whatever?

I did a quick search, but they all start with number of fruit. Too busy in the kitchen to spend an hour coaxing the answer out of google - so I came here to where friendly answers happen. Please help.



trampledbygeese November 14, 2015
Peel turned out great. Thanks everyone for your help.
hardlikearmour November 13, 2015
Do the peel blanching step then put the peels in the pot you're going to use to cook them in syrup. Pour in measured amounts water until you've got the peels well covered (err on the generous side). Use that amount for your volume of sugar, divide by 3 and use that amount for your volume of water. I've used this base recipe with good results:
AntoniaJames November 13, 2015
You should be able to translate any recipe by simply making a simple syrup of 2 parts sugar to 1 part water, enough to cover the peels. Here is the method I use, along the lines of what you've requested.

I recommend adding a vanilla bean, or cinnamon + cloves, to the syrup for candied orange or lemon. I think cardamom would be outstanding, too.

Hope this helps! ;o)
trampledbygeese November 13, 2015
Fantastic. Thankyou.

Do I need to roll the peels in sugar if I'm just using them for baking - like topping shortbread, or in a plumb pudding?

My kitchen smells like The Holidays right now.
Susan W. November 13, 2015
Here ya go. This is Alice Medrich's recipe. It does call for # of fruit, but it also explains to use 4 cups of peel for those who've collected peels.
ChefJune November 13, 2015
I would just eyeball it. So what if you have some leftover syrup?
OR, you could soak that citrus peel in rum and then make a couple of Stollen or Julekaker.
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