Candying Lemon Peel and Some Turning Brown?

I am in the midst of candying both clementine and lemon peel. I am following Alice Medrich's recipe in her book, .
My lemon peel is now drying, after having come out of the hot syrup last night. I noticed in the last half of blanching it, that some of the lemon peels had brown splotches on them. Does anyone know- does this discoloration come from Oxygen, or being too close to the heat? or some other chemical reaction? TIA ! oh, the browned peel and un-browned peel seem to taste the same....

LeBec Fin


LeBec F. February 11, 2014
o.k. i'm a bit confused. For me, the browning has occurred in the blanching and syrup procedures, and also on the metal racks during drying. same for you, jason?
Chef J. February 11, 2014
I had that problem as well at one point. I use a coated screen I bought at a local bakery/candy shop, after that I no long had that problem.I used wire grates at one point that caused the chemical reaction.
AntoniaJames February 11, 2014
I'd sure like to know the answer to this. I've had the same problem with candied orange peel, but assumed it was caused by a chemical reaction to the metal rack on which I've let the peels dry and cool. (I ended up using that peel in my panforti, where one would not notice the dark blotches!) ;o)
Chef J. February 11, 2014
sounds like the peel had gotten too hot
I have ran into this many times but only when doing large batches at once
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