Could I substitute almond or coconut flour for the all purpose type?



Lindsay-Jean H. February 16, 2014
In the comments of the post, Molly Wizenberg said that you can use a tablespoon of unsweetened cocoa instead of the flour.
Christine February 16, 2014
Be careful, it absorbs considerable more liquid than other flours, so you'll need more fluids...there is no hard and fast rule that I've learned of, but maybe just add some extra milk/egg/water (don't know the recipe)until it looks right....the other rule of thumb is use a combo of rice flour 70% and coconut flour 30%...that will work
Penny E. February 15, 2014
Thank you
Denise B. February 15, 2014
I have made almost flourless chocolate tortes substituting rice flour with good results, I would think coconut flour would also work.
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