If I add raspberry liqueur for a raspberry/chocolate cake, should I add flour to counteract the liquid? Would you also cut down the sugar?

Alternately - would it be better to add crushed raspberries, rather than straight liquid? Or raspberry extract? Thanks!



Miss_Karen May 16, 2021
How did it turn out?
Inquiring minds want to know🙂
Madison May 16, 2021
So well! I turned the freeze dried raspberries into a powder as you suggested and added about 3tbsp when I added the flour. Next time I would sift the seeds out of the powder before adding, as they all sunk to the bottom. Thank you again for the suggestion! So delicious!
Miss_Karen May 17, 2021
You're quite welcome. I'm glad it was successful!
Miss_Karen May 12, 2021
In my own humble opinion: you could use dried raspberries ģround into a powder (about 2-
2 1/2Tbsp)which wouldn't require any adjustments. Just stir it in with the flour. If you used crushed (fresh) raspberries, that adds quite a bit of moisture. You might have to compensate by adding about 2+ Tbsp. of flour. Raspberry liquor such as Chambord or Framboise should be used as you would with an extract (such as vanilla) I would avoid Raspberry extract because it can impart an artificial flavor.
Madison May 12, 2021
Love the freeze dried idea! Just purchased and will give it a go this weekend. Thanks!
Miss_Karen May 12, 2021
Make sure you grind the dried fruit well. Otherwise, they are sort of tough/leathery. I keep the unused powder in a clean (re-purposed)spice bottle in my baking cabinet.
Madison May 12, 2021
Karen, you're a godsend
Miss_Karen May 13, 2021
Aww...Thanks! That has just made my day. 😇 I hope your cake turns out well.
Nancy May 11, 2021
Another way to add raspberry to this recipe: make the cake as written (I wouldn't mess with its ingreduwnts or proportions). And flavor the whipped cream with either raspberry liqueur or extract (only a spoon or two, as one does with vanilla).
Also, simplify the new version by omitting the Meyer lemon from the whipped cream.
And for those who want more raspberry flavor, serve the cake with liqueur or liqueur-spiked coffee.
Madison May 12, 2021
Love the idea of putting chambord in the whipped cream! Thanks!
Miss_Karen May 12, 2021
FYI, Chambord into whipped cream tastes good, but alters the color significantly. Not too much. You don't want the cream to separate. You could stir some of the raspberry powder into the cream😉 Raspberry powder is also useful in meringue cookies, brownies, yogurt, frostings.....
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