what is big red wine?

Making Short Rib Ragu tomorrow and it calls for 1/2 bottle of "big red wine". What is that please?

  • Posted by: karen
  • February 21, 2014


Maedl February 22, 2014
Absolutely, the wine should be drinkable, but don't use the most expensive bottle you can find--Chianti and the other wines I mentioned are available at reasonable prices.
amysarah February 22, 2014
For braising beef in wine, Chianti also works well and is easy to find (I use it often for stracotto - Italian "pot roast.") Should be a drinkable one, but need not be on the high end of the cost spectrum.
Maedl February 22, 2014
Sangiovese, Primitivo, Nero d'Avolo would all work well. they drink well, too,
bigpan February 22, 2014
Cab. Sauvignon, chateneuf de pape, etc, pick at French or Italian. Most American/ Australian wines are not big enough.
nutcakes February 21, 2014
Likely they mean full bodied.
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