How to fix over beaten buttercream?

  • Posted by: Mollyh
  • February 23, 2014


boulangere February 24, 2014
Is it a meringue-based buttercream? I'm asking because it is very hard to overheat buttercream, so I'm trying to figure out what doesn't appear right about yours.
Mollyh February 24, 2014
boulangere February 24, 2014
What kind of buttercream did you make?
Kristen February 24, 2014
I usually take out about 1/3 of the broken buttercream, melt it down on the stovetop, and reincorporate it with a mixer on low to re-emulsify. To avoid breaking in the first place, try to avoid using a whisk beater and make buttercream with a paddle beater if possible!
Nina L. February 24, 2014
I have wrestled with this situation a number of times. Answer #1 is really the best. Just keep on beating. Even when it looks like a lost cause. It will bring the buttercream back to life. In the future start with ingredients at the correct temp. Butter should be room temp.
peggydf February 23, 2014
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