Buttercream frosting

I want to make a buttercream frosting flavored with dried raspberries. Should i make an American, Swiss, or Italian buttercream? Thanks.

  • Posted by: RachelJ
  • January 1, 2019


ariel A. January 2, 2019
I believe it would work with any of those! Definitely American & Swiss. I would guess that you can add the raspberries (assuming they're freeze-dried and you'd crushed them up) to Italian as well, probably at the end after you've already incorporated the sugar syrup.

If you're stumped about which one to pick, I would choose based on the flavor profile you're going for! I'm partial to Swiss because it's so light/airy and not too sweet, but if you'd like a sweeter frosting, American could be the way to go!
RachelJ January 2, 2019
Thank you!
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