The best buttercream frosting



ATG117 September 23, 2013
Merrill has a great recipe on the site. Though, I generally prefer buttercreams that call fir some cream cheese, so not strictly a buttercream.
plainhomecook September 20, 2013
Rose Levy Beranbaum has lots of great recipes for meringue buttercreams (which she calls mousselines) in The Cake Bible.

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julia B. September 20, 2013
Swiss and Italian Meringue buttercreams win the taste test every time. Swiss meringue boasts the advantage of avoiding a cooked sugar syrup and candy thermometer...instead, you simply whisk the sugar and egg whites over simmering water before beating to meringue stage in a standing mixer. Both varieties require cool room temperature butter added in small amounts to the cooled meringue until a thrilling silken cream magically develops. Flavors are limitless--- liqueurs, fruit curds, extracts, etc are easily added. These frostings are ethereal. Rich yet somehow light...they pipe beautifully and are sturdier than you'd confectioner's sugar grittiness. Truly sublime.
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