Should I peel the garlic?



Selma |. February 27, 2014
Hi Nasreen - it doesn't really matter if you peel the garlic or not as you are cooking them whole. I don't, which allows them to roast in their skins to a lovely creamy mass. I just serve it as it is and each diner smears a little on a bit of chicken or potato on their fork…hope you enjoyed the dish if you have made it already!
LeBec F. February 24, 2014
yes. she doesn't have a step where you cook it and then remove the skins so yes, you remove the skins before cooking. if they cook up soft enough, you can smush them into the sauce before you serve it.
BTW, many recipe chefs rarely see the hotline or check the comments on their recipe pages. So when i have a question that i really need ansswered, i click on the chef's recipe and then from there i click on their name; and then on their member page, i send them an email by clicking on the envelope symbol. those emails go to them directly.
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