Does anyone know a good brand of whole tomatoes in jars? I prefer them over canned but they are hard to find!

  • Posted by: Terri
  • February 24, 2014


savorthis February 27, 2014
All the products from MM Local are wonderful:
bigpan February 26, 2014
I don't know what "brands" are available in your area, but I would look at the back of the jar and look to make sure they are from "Italy". Then look for the sodium content. If it is 1% or less, buy them. American tomatoes, even with a fake Italian label name, will be high sodium and not the best romas.
dinner A. February 25, 2014
Muir Glen has started using BPA-free cans for their tomatoes -- instead of the plastic lining most cans use, theirs are enameled. Their canned organic whole plum tomatoes are also my favorite preserved tomato.
Pegeen February 24, 2014
I can't help with your original question but in case it's useful:
I sometimes wind up decanting any leftover tomatoes from tins (or boxes like Pomi), into a glass jar after I've used the portion I need when first opening it. Then refrigerate. I prefer glass to plastic for refrigerator storage for tomatoes or other acidic foods. But find no difference between the tomatoes from tins, bottles or boxes for the initial recipe. Except, of course, using summer fresh tomatoes, recently picked, that have never seen any kind of container.

Buy good canned or "boxed" tomatoes, like Pomi, and when you get home, decant them into a glass jar. They obviously won't keep in the fridge for as long as they would in their factory-sealed, unopened packaging. But if you think it tastes better!
Terri February 25, 2014
Thanks! Sorry I should have been more clear. It's not the taste it's avoiding the packaging chemicals from the cans. Thanks for the tips!
healthierkitchen February 24, 2014
Jovial makes some
Terri February 25, 2014
Great! And I can order them!
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