Crushed Tomatoes vs Whole Peeled

I'm making -

And I don't have the whole tomatoes called for in the recipe, instead I have -

I'm assuming I can substitute the crushed for the whole tomatoes and just not blend it. The can is the same size as the one called for in the recipe. Also, the tomatoes I have are the type used by pizza shops to make sauce. My only concern is that since ATK says the tomatoes should be drained, perhaps my tomatoes will be too wet and soggy up the crust.

Any guidance here?

Taira Alabi


Coral L. March 27, 2020
Hi Taira! You definitely can sub in those crushed tomatoes. To drain off some of the juices, pour half of the can into a fine-mesh strainer set over a bowl. Let the excess juices drip off, then combine the 1/2 can of drained crushed tomatoes with the remaining crushed tomatoes. Should get you to a good saucy (but not too saucy!) consistency.
Micki B. March 27, 2020
You can also try blitzing the tomatoes for just a quick second. That way you'll lose some of that wateriness. But really, for homemade pizza I've used everything from squished whole tomatoes to crushed tomatoes and it's always fine.
gandalf March 27, 2020
A couple of thoughts/comments. First, I always substitute crushed tomatoes for whole tomatoes, mostly because I prefer the texture of crushed tomatoes over that of whole tomatoes. Second, if you are concerned about potential "runniness" of crushed tomatoes, perhaps you can simmer them in a saucepan for 30-40 minutes to thicken them up.
Nancy March 27, 2020
Or start with half the original amount (crushed vs whole drained) and see how the moisture pans out.
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