What size ramekins or individual baking dishes do you prefer to make individual servings of baked eggs?

What size baking dishes do you use for making individual servings of baked eggs? There seem to be a lot of choices. Does anyone prefer to use creme brule dishes? Any specific suggestions on brand? I was thinking of purchasing something that was broiler safe-maybe porcelain or stoneware?

Kelly Anderson


JadeTree February 25, 2014
We've been on a baked eggs kick for months now so I've tried a few! I've used classic ramekins, both the standard I serving size and the flat, shallow version of the same, both ceramic. The shallow ones were my least favorite - in my oven (which is a klunker) the yolks harden very quickly. Adding cream seemed to help (a la Amanda's baked eggs) but then the white didn't set properly. The standard, taller ramekins yielded runnier yolks, but, again, it was easy to overcook part if the yolk and still have properly done whites since the old oven doesn't heat quite evenly. If I'm doing two ramekins, I can keep up with them. Otherwise there's a lot of opening and closing.

All that said, the big fixer has been a water bath. Taller ramekins in a water bath take slightly longer, but the eggs come out divinely - white aren't watery but the yolks are glorious. Thus, I've stopped used shallow ramekins.

Finally, thinks idly of doing them for a brunch, I found the humbly-named Eggs in a Muffin Tin in the Joy of Cooking. It uses a buttered muffin tin (with add-ins at the bottom if you wish), placed in a water bath. It produced a dozen perfect baked eggs for a crowd - far better than masses of ramekins! It isn't as picturesque, but it's easy to scoop them out in the kitchen with a flexible spatula and nestle them into smoky hash browns or greens and bring them out plated and pass the other dishes. Verdict: ceramic ramekins (not shallow) in a water bath work well and a humble muffin tin produces great eggs for a crowd. My mobile isn't letting me edit this giant post so sorry for any errors and the crazy length!
Kelly A. February 25, 2014
Thanks so much for your thoughtful reply!
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