Empty ramekin in the oven?

I want to make a round challah loaf with a well in the middle. Can I bake the bread using an empty ramekin to hold the shape I want? The ramekin I want to use is Pyrex, and I've used it to make creme brûlée, but is it safe for it to bake empty?

  • Posted by: Sheree
  • August 23, 2017


Nancy August 24, 2017
I would fill the ramekin about three quarters full with water...as I sometimes put one in the oven when baking bread.
This way, you get the challah center hole, safety so the ramekin doesn'the Crack, benefit of the moisture in the oven.
Sheree August 24, 2017
I will give that a try! Thanks, Nancy!
Nancy August 24, 2017
Sheree - glad to help.
The reason for the water, by the way, is to create steam in the oven and help develop the crust.
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