freezing shepherd's pie?

I am making a full size shepherd's pie, as well as four individually sized portions, and want to freeze them for future meals. Should I bake and cool the pies before freezing, or freeze them unbaked and reheat when ready to serve?



Michele May 9, 2018
Not speaking as a purist here. I wondered about this, but my reality was which was better for the people needing to eat it. If I was there I would freeze it unfrozen, but if I was doing it for my family knowing I wouldn't be there - I cooked and froze it. Time is of the essence sometimes and that is my guiding light.
Emmie May 9, 2018
The Pioneer Woman ( recommends baking and cooling to room temperature before freezing, then reheating for 1 hour in a 350 degree oven (or 30 minutes if you defrost the pie in the fridge beforehand).
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