Should I use pecan halves or chopped pecans in pecan pie?

  • Posted by: cookrg
  • March 1, 2014


jamcook March 4, 2014
I use a combination of 1/2 cup coarsely chopped and I cup whole pecans, this is both pretty and has great texture.
nutcakes March 1, 2014
Well, you could toast the pieces that go in the filling because the halves keep them dunked under and protect them. But also I wanted to mention that coarse chopping your own halves probably gets you a better quality nut than buying 'pieces'.
nutcakes March 1, 2014
I've made Kathleen Claiborne's pecan pie (Craig's mother) and used pieces mixed in with the filling and then a topping of halves in concentric rings. Looks very pretty and makes it extra nutty. I don't know if that recipe made it into the Essential New York Times, but I'm pretty sure I got it from the old Craig Claiborne one. You can probably find it by googling I suppose. (And no pretoasting the nuts, the top would get burnt!)
mickle March 1, 2014
I would not pretoast the whole pecans as suggested earlier as they will toast adequately on top of pie during baking; but you could pretoast the pieces. I use a combination of both for texture variance and cost effectiveness
amysarah March 1, 2014
I'm no pecan pie expert, but you can put pecans sold as "pieces" in the filling, then whole ones on top, which look prettier. Less costly than using only whole, and still just as tasty.
hardlikearmour March 1, 2014
Personal preference. I go with chopped, which makes the pie easier to slice and eat IMO. In either case, make sure to toast them first.

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deblenares March 1, 2014
I like to use some chopped and some whole. The chopped sink to provide more substance to the gooey inside, and the whole nuts rise for a lovely top.
Natalie March 1, 2014
Pecan halves -- I enjoy biting into the whole rather than little chunks and yes, it looks much nicer!
Monita March 1, 2014
Pecan halves look nicer so I would go with them.
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