can cooking water from the beans be used for stock?

  • Posted by: Horto
  • March 3, 2014
White Bean Soup
Recipe question for: White Bean Soup


Chef's H. March 3, 2014
Whenever I need to boil or soak something, I keep the liquids and use them to cook pasta in or something. You can use it for almost everything that needs liquid.
Or some water from boiling pasta goes great in the sauce you're serving it with. But please, never get rid of those flavor-packed liquids.
Carol D. March 3, 2014
I'm assuming you mean the water left in beans after they cook - I cook beans from scratch frequently in my pressure cooker, usually with just a quartered onion and olive oil. I add more water than I need (at least 10 cups for 1 pound - maybe a little more) because the resulting liquid is so delicious. I wouldn't use it entirely in place of stock or broth - but - I add it to soups or stews along with broth or stock. Especially the water from freshly cooked chickpeas. Delish!!!
Merrill S. March 3, 2014
Do you mean the water that the beans have soaked in?
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