Idea for a series: dried beans!

Hi. I have a suggestion for your YouTube channel: Beans. Like a deep dive. I just discovered Gordo Rancho dried beans and I am interested in learning how to get the most and best flavor out of various kinds of beans. I would love to see comparisons of cooking methods, pairings with meats or vegetables, and recipes. Like for example, I am cooking (without soaking first) some beans right now. Am I going to ruin them? What should I put into the pot with the beans and when? How do I get a really good broth when I make the beans? What kind of broths go with which beans?The Gordo Rancho website recommends that after soaking, I can cook the beans in only a little bit of water in a sauté pan with aromatic veggies. Does that really work?

Michelle Lefferts




Nan May 11, 2022
I agree !! I have way to many beans from RG wondering if they really do expired after a year.
Nancy May 9, 2022
Michelle Lefferts -
While you're waiting for food52 to decide on a bean series, start learning where you are.
Cook with the Rancho Gordo beans you have and/or the dishes you like most.
For example: himmus, roasted bean snacks, salads, chile, cassoulet, beans and rice, pancakes (French or Indian garbanzo versions), bean burgers.
There are hundreds of recipes and articles here; thousands at other sites.
Nancy May 9, 2022

Um, should be "hummus"
Nancy May 11, 2022
A couple more classic, late additions to the list of suggested dishes posted a couple days ago.
More suited to cold weather, so save for the fall:
* baked beans on toast
* bean soups, vegetarian or topped up with meat, seafood or cheese. Single bean varieties (lentil soup, split pea soup) or using bean mixtures. Vary by seasoning profiles from around the world (for example, cabbage red-bean and sour cream from Hungary, black bean feijoada from Brazil, Doenjang Jiggae from Korea)
deMariL May 7, 2022
*Roasting dried spices / in a dry pan (or your bean pot) first- minding it VERY carefully- they burn FAST..
*Sautéing aromatics (onion, peppers, carrot, celery, etc) in olive oil until they're caramelized..
*Rendering (frying/sautéing) meats; ham, bacon, your favorite sausage -great time for chorizo; then add your aromatics & roasted herbs, spices
All add all the flavor you need with just water -works well with any bean -reds, whites, black, lentils -just don't forget salt & pepper (even simetimes sugar or "pepper sugar/sugar pepper"-I make my own)
Hope this helps
AntoniaJames May 6, 2022
Those are good ideas! I'd like to see tips and other information (more science, please!) about cooking beans in an electric pressure cooker, as well. ;o)
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