Pleeeze help! I just put together a quadrupled batch of sugar cookie dough to make Christmas cookies for decorating.

I inadvertently added double the milk (Martha Stewart's recipe, wa supposed to be 1/2 c. but I added 1 c.). It's way too wet. How do I go back and remedy my calamity??

I have put 1/4 of it in a cake pan to cook as bars. But this is not was I was hoping to do.

Thanks, gang!!



innoabrd December 16, 2010
Expanding on betteirene's suggestion, perhaps you could pipe them if you've got a pastry bag and a large star tip?
betteirene December 15, 2010
Back in the dark ages (pre-Julia Child) of cookbook writing, most recipes for rolled sugar cookies came with a variation for sugar drop cookies, in which 1/4-1/2 cup milk was added to the rolled dough to make the drop batter, or vice versa (a drop cookie recipe turned into a rolled recipe by adding flour).

The result was a softer, cake-y round cookie that was suitable for decorating after baking with holiday-colored icings and sprinkles and sugars and dragees and jimmies. If you don't mind not having stars and bells and angels and Rudolphs and Santas, I'd just make the dropped rounds and decorate them like ornaments. If you want something simpler but equally festive, roll the dough into balls, then roll in colored sugar before baking.

If you think the cookies taste bland, boost the flavor either by adding a teeny bit of extra vanilla, or some almond extract, or some finely zested lemon or lime or orange peel to the dough/batter, or by adding extra flavor to the frosting.
anyone December 15, 2010
Break down you recipe by numbers and look at the ratio's and add the other ingredients according to the extra flour needed and add all ingredient based on ratio.
hardlikearmour December 15, 2010
Yikes! If you add just flour I think it will be bland and tough, not be leavened enough, nor sweet enough. I'd use half of the dough you have, and add a double batch of the dry ingredients w/o milk if it's feasible to get your quadrupled batch. If you over mix you will get tough cookies, so be careful. When you roll them out you may want to do it between sheets of parchment, so you can avoid using flour to roll them out so they stay more tender. Good luck!
georgeann December 15, 2010
OK, I wondered if that would make it bland. But I've got nothing to lose.

chrissyb December 15, 2010
I would add more flour until it's stiffer.
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