Help! Oatmeal cookies too dry!!

The last two batches of oatmeal cookies I made were too dry, like granola bars. Tasty and not over cooked, just dry instead of chewy. My husband is Diabetic and instead of making a diabetic recipe, for these last two batches I just used the quaker oats recipe but with very little brown or white sugar, mostly splenda. I think that must be my problem. I haven't baked the second half of the current dry batch. Any suggestions to moisten it up so the rest of the cookies are chewy??? Help! Oatmeal cookies too dry!!



Sam1148 October 15, 2017
google up apple sauce oatmeal cookies.
creamtea October 15, 2017
If you substituted Splenda for a part of the brown sugar, that would explain the dryness, as sugars both brown and white are hygroscopic whereas splenda is non-hygroscopic, that is, it doesn't attract moisture:
"Sucralose is a highly heat-stable noncaloric sweetener, allowing it to be used in many recipes with little or no sugar. It is available in a granulated form that allows for same-volume substitution with sugar. This mix of granulated sucralose includes fillers, all of which rapidly dissolve in liquids. While the granulated sucralose provides apparent volume-for-volume sweetness, the texture in baked products may be noticeably different. Sucralose is not hygroscopic, which can lead to baked goods that are noticeably drier and manifest a less dense texture than those made with sucrose. Unlike sucrose, which melts when baked at high temperatures, sucralose maintains its granular structure when subjected to dry, high heat (e.g., in a 350 °F or 180 °C oven). Furthermore, in its pure state, sucralose begins to decompose at 119 °C or 246 °F.[20] Thus, in some baking recipes, such as crème brûlée, which require sugar sprinkled on top to partially or fully melt and crystallize, substituting sucralose will not result in the same surface texture, crispness, or crystalline structure." (Wikipedia)
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