Incomplete bar cookie recipe--should be an easy win for regular bakers

I have a recipe for bar Hermits calling for 1c. oil, 1 c. milk, 2 c. sugar, and 3 c. flour. There are a few other ingredients as well--I don't know what size pan, though the recipe says bake at 350 for 30-40 minutes. Bonus: what is the role of milk in cookie recipes? It's rare to see so much liquid involved, but I guess this will be more of a spreadable batter. Can I substitute something else--juice, water? Milk is somewhat of a commodity in my house.



Raquelita May 9, 2012
Thanks for your help everyone--I changed up the recipe a lot and ended up with something more like a cake. It was definitely too much oil, and i ended up using melted butter and olive oil. Here's the recipe (written with just butter, and using buttermilk instead of milk and vinegar as the original recipe called for):
Raquelita May 9, 2012
Just to clarify, I reflected the change in oil/fat amount in the recipe--i started with half and worked up to the right amount.
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Why not use almond, soy or coconut milk, unsweetened variety if you don't want the extra sugar? I love to use these milks in baking. They even curdle with apple cider vinegar - just like cow's milk - to use in place of buttermilk.
Susan B. May 8, 2012
Sounds like a 13" x 9" to me - they would be too thick in a square 8x8 pan. For flavor and texture I wouldn't sub water for the milk, though you could reconstitute some nonfat dry milk powder in water and use that. The milk to flour/sugar ratio sounds about right, but the oil seems like a lot...let us know how they turn out!
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