Hi there, we're playing it cholesterol-wary these days. I have no problem omitting the eggs; regarding the mayonnaise (which my husband hates any...

...way), may I substitute a Greek-style, plain yogurt? What do you think? Many thanks, Judit

Judith Peres


sexyLAMBCHOPx March 5, 2014
Sour cream and Greek yogurt, blended would work as well.
trampledbygeese March 5, 2014
That's exactly what I use when I don't want mayonnaise (especially good for homemade ceasar dressing. If the yogurt is too runny, I will strain it in cheesecloth for 20 min to an hour to make it the right texture.

Or if you can get the pressed yoghurt, it is usually the right texture.

If the texture is too thick, I add a few drops of olive oil, or some of the whey that drained out of the yoghurt.

Let us know how it turns out.
Judith P. March 5, 2014
Thanks very much for the very timely reply, and the hints on handling the yogurt in order to get the right consistency.

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