Substitute for European style thin yogurt?

Is there one?

  • Posted by: Crash
  • July 7, 2011


Crash July 8, 2011
Thanks, all! Found it at Trader Joe's.
sarabclever July 8, 2011
Kefir (am throwing it out as I've seen it suggested instead of buttermilk, but can't say I've tried it. Though might be even harder to find!).
creamtea July 7, 2011
Hi Crash. Trader Joe's has it. Regular yogurt would work too; you might stir in a little water to thin.
beyondcelery July 7, 2011
I'd whisk a bit of water into regular yogurt to thin it out. Or use whey if you have it. It depends on what you're using it for.
nogaga July 7, 2011
How about some buttermilk? :)
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