Shipping cookies overseas

I'm shipping a very small package of treats to Spain: rugelach and chocolate chip cookies, in addition to chocolate bars. I plan to use small cellophane gift bags for the separate types of cookies. They are more presentable than ziplocs. Will that work? Thanks.



creamtea March 20, 2014
Yay, it finally arrived! Home-made rugelach, chocolate-chip cookies, Scharffen-berger chocolate. Too late for Purim but the recipient is happy.
creamtea March 10, 2014
Maedl March 11, 2014
creamtea March 10, 2014
Thanks Maedl! It's all shipped, keeping my fingers crossed. I spent much time and $$ on packaging artistically--the decor references the recipient's plans for the near future: a move to the US and a new life! Hope it gets there, and in time!
Maedl March 7, 2014
This site may be useful in locating kosher chocolate:
Maedl March 7, 2014
Did you check the Spanish regs? You don't need to worry about the US regs. Dairy products means cheese, yogurt, butter, etc. I think there are two Spanish companies that produce a kosher line of chocolate--Valor and Lacasa. Just trying to save you some money on shipping costs--which keep getting more and more expensive.
creamtea March 6, 2014
Customs says no milk products. Are cookies with butter a milk product?
Maedl March 6, 2014
Definitely check to see if you can ship cookies into Spain. I would use bubble wrap or something similar and skip the chocolate bars. Spain was the country that introduced Europe to chocolate and has plenty of fantastic chocolate at hand.
creamtea March 6, 2014
I'm sending things that are kosher; chocolate that has oversight is rare there.
bigpan March 6, 2014
Check online with Customs in Spain to make sure it does not get sniffed out by a dog. Lots of bubble wrap as said above. Mark the customs documents accurately to ensure easy clearance.
Rima March 6, 2014
I would think that you'd need some kind of bubble wrap and a cardboard box as well to make sure they don't arrive as crumbs!
rt21 March 6, 2014
You will probably need bubble wrap in between the layers to protect them from crumbling
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