How to increase protein in a chocolate chip cookie recipe?

I'm thinking of using Molly Wizenberg's whole wheat choc chip cookie recipe ( and the cookies will be shipped (after taste-testing!) to Afghanistan for my bro-in-law & friends. Could I add or sub something to up the protein?



Eric January 4, 2019
I saw this and wanted to provide some guidelines I have learned having exposure to food scientists, I believe that almost all recipes can be upgraded to make them contain more nutrition. The ingredients you can focus on are those that are highly processed like brown sugar, white sugar, white flour, margarine/oil, and consider the functionality that those ingredients provide in the recipe. I mention brown sugar because in most cases it is white sugar with a molasses liquid added back, it is not unprocessed sugar as people want to believe.

For the sugars, I my favorite ingredient is to use as a substitution is applesauce, preferably freshly made, but you can use unsweetened in a jar as well. Sugars provide sweetness, bulk and aid in the browning of the cookie. Applesauce substitutes the sweetness that comes from brown and white sugar (not all, but you can reduce your sugars by the first 50% using applesauce, more strategies below) applesauce also adds fiber, helps in the browning of the cookie, and adds richness to the taste. The second 50% of the sugar can be replaced using 4/5 of the remaining sugar amount with Palm sugar (from Asian supermarket). Palm Sugar has a lower GI and this absorbs more slowly into the body. Alternately Maple Syrup, but that has some taste issues. Or honey.

Butter/Margarine can be replaced by EVOO (extra virgin olive oil) but you pick up some green notes, so I recommend a combination of grape seed oil and nut flour to replace a butter. Using ingredients like pistachio flour, you can replace both white flour and butter, and still impart the softness (butter keeps the cookies moist and soft). if you like the butter taste, and who does not, replace 3/4 of butter with pistachio or other nut flour, and use the butter for taste, subtract the amount you use from the white flour amount, and use whole wheat to make up the rest. Someone also commented on using peanut butter, which you need to look closely at the label, as most peanut butters are high in sugar (bulking) and have added oil (where have the peanuts gone?). Just roughly looking at the link recipe from the original inquirey, I think you can eliminate 2 cups flour, all the butter, and half the sugar, and have cookies that are richer and more substantial. Adding in sunflower seeds (brilliant Sironyi!) or other nuts increase nutrition, also consider lemon zest, orange zest in the cookie (keeps them tasting fresher longer)

You will find that your baked goods lack the intense sweetness of commercially made cookies, but you will also find they are more satisfying and rich, and in a whole cookie taste test they will always be chosen for their deliciousness!

puresugar March 30, 2011
Thanks, everyone. I plan to try many of these ideas, as I have a cookie habit anyway! Thanks to you & FoodPickle, I'm becoming a smarter cook!
innoabrd March 30, 2011
I'm not a terrific baker, but I wonder if there's a way to use milk powder?

BTW, when Xmas comes, gingerbread men ship really, really well. My mother sent them to me years ago when I was in the Peace Corps...
FoodieGoesHealthy March 29, 2011
Try substituting a little of the flour with almond flour (I bought some at Trader Joe's). Adds an amazing flavor to cookies!
tizzle March 29, 2011
Also try subbing half the AP flour with white whole wheat flour (see link below). It's a sneaky way to add a bit of protein. Not as much as adding nuts (toasted, of course!) or a nut butter, but every little bit helps! Plus the taste and texture are still chewy/crispy, thanks to Our Friend Butter.

White whole wheat flour (brand name is shown here, but I get mine from Trader Joe's):
StacyG March 29, 2011
All these additions reminds me of a Ranger Cookie. A chocolate chip cookie with oatmeal, cereal flakes, nuts and/or coconut etc...yummy!
SKK March 29, 2011
Hulled hemp seeds! Have a great nutty taste, are tiny. Can be found at Whole Foods and other specialty stores in the refrigerated section. Check them out, really low fat, and high in all the good stuff. And this is not what grows marijuana - totally different family. When I am in a hurry I eat a tablespoon or two raw and have a lot of nutrients.
hardlikearmour March 29, 2011
Do you feel like experimenting? I'd consider substituting no more than 1/4 of the flour with fava bean flour (9g protein per quarter cup.)
beyondcelery March 29, 2011
Sorry, 4 Tbls, not 4oz of peanut butter!
fiveandspice March 29, 2011
I agree with Syronai's suggestion. You could also try almond or another nut butter in place of the peanut butter. Or simply add chopped nuts to the recipe as it is.
beyondcelery March 29, 2011
Sub about 4oz of the butter with peanut butter. Also add shelled roasted sunflower seeds. The combination will produce a complete protein, as well as some serious deliciousness.
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