was thinking about making cranbury sauce for christmas diner. Is it easy to make and does it keep well?



RobertaJ December 17, 2010
As others said, it will keep forever in the fridge, Most bags of fresh cranberries have a basic recipe on the back of them. That's a good start. For just the most basic, I usually throw in some Gran Marnier or other orange liquer while it's cooking. Cranberries and orange are a natural pair. I've made (and enjoyed) a cranberry sauce that had shallots that had been caramelized in a hot oven and some fresh herbs (thyme, maybe a bit of rosemary, a small bit) and some wine vinegar thrown in at the last minute. The possibilities are really endless, and totally to your taste. Orange flavors though is a good place to start.
hardlikearmour December 16, 2010
I just finished off the last of the cranberry sauce I made for Thanksgiving a couple of days ago, still completely delicious!
innoabrd December 16, 2010
I cook the hell out of mine and between the sugar and the natural preservatives in teh cranberries, it keeps for damn near forever...
AntoniaJames December 16, 2010
I made three different ones at Thanksgiving, all from food52, and this was by far my favorite: http://www.food52.com/recipes/1513_ellens_cranberry_chutney. The one posted by healthierkitchen was good, but it needed about a week before it tasted really good. Ellenl's tasted great the next day, and then just got better and better. It was unbelievably tasty after five days. In fact, I bought another bag of cranberries the other day, so I can make myself a batch. Cranberry sauce, if refrigerated well, will keep for at least a week, or longer. It will taste different though after the flavors have had a chance to merge. ;o)
Nora December 16, 2010
Very easy to make. I keep going back to the recipe for a raw sauce that shows up on Ocean Spray berry bags. It is cranberries and a whole orange chopped fine in a food processor with sugar to taste added, and some chopped pecans. It keeps for several days, although I like it best made 4 to 8 hours ahead of time. It'll be crunchy and tangy and a nice contrast to most of what tends to show up on the holiday table.
iuzzini December 16, 2010
oh yah- it seems to keep for a lonng time in the fridge. All that sugar. :) I always enjoy a real standard recipe (cran, sugar (I always cut it down from whatever the recipes call for), water)- then afterwards, make some curried turkey salad, and add some harissa to the leftover cranberry sauce. Mmmmm.
healthierkitchen December 16, 2010
sorry - forgot the link:


I made this and a simple one with just cardamom for Thanskgiving and we have been enjoying the leftovers since.
healthierkitchen December 16, 2010
It's very easy to make as drbabs says. You can also jazz it up a bit like this:

drbabs December 16, 2010
It's really easy to make--you can just cook down the cranberries with water, sugar and flavorings--and it keeps in the refrigerator for several days at least. Here are a bunch of recipes:
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