Ideas for spring-themed dinner party menu? No lb, please.

  • Posted by: Mollyh
  • March 16, 2014


Sam1148 March 17, 2014
Rice paper spring rolls. Not fried.
Valentina S. March 17, 2014
How about something like prosciutto and asparagus wraps? Boil the asparagus, wrap in prosciutto (or bacon), salt + pepper + olive oil and broil.
Deviled eggs with mashed peas added can be a good idea too.
I have a recipe for braised Italian crumbed artichokes that would be quite fitting, too:

Is it going to be a sit-down or stand up buffet party? The answers could vary a lot.
cookbookchick March 16, 2014
I highly recommend the Spring Pea and Ricotta Torte with Lemon and Mint by TasteFood on this site for one of your dishes.
Mollyh March 16, 2014
Sorry, should have been "no lamb, please"
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