I added too much citrus to my butter chicken. I've added honey. Now it's tart and sweet but not delicious. Is it ruined?



vvvanessa December 16, 2010
oops. i didn't realize you meant *that* butter chicken. i'm sorry it was a bust!
anyone December 16, 2010
Sorry but its over and done theres no fixing it. Just learn from it.
healthierkitchen December 16, 2010
and more of your spices....and tomatoes (are there tomatoes in it?)
hardlikearmour December 16, 2010
don't give up steph... add more cream, and keep tinkering!
healthierkitchen December 16, 2010
Did more yogurt/cream help?
stephinboston December 16, 2010
It's a tomato based Indian "curry" with yoghurt/cream. For some reason the recipe I used called for lemon, I should have questioned it, as I've never used it before. I have always added honey, so that was normal. But in the end when I tasted it, it's got a biting lemon flavor. I am so bummed.
vvvanessa December 16, 2010
i'm not familiar with butter chicken in general, but if it's a nice level of tart and sweet but needs a little more something, maybe try adding another angle on the flavor: cayenne, oregano, or parlsey would all work with the citrus-honey profile.
drbabs December 16, 2010
Can you dilute the sauce some with chicken broth, white wine, more butter?
hardlikearmour December 16, 2010
I'd try adding some more of the savory seasonings, and maybe a bit more cream and see what happens. There are about a million versions of butter chicken, so you have a lot of latitude.
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