How can I use dried meyer lemon peel?

Does anyone have any ideas?

I came across a marvelous spice resource and scooped up a bottle of this stuff before taking the time to think about what I could do with it.

It's not ground, but in small minced pieces.



lem M. March 29, 2014
I usually dry some leftover organic orange peels, minced like your lemon peel and I do agree that it doesn't really impart too much flavour when simply sprinkled on top of stuff.

I use it as is in braises and fruit compotes (added at the end of the cooking time); for baking purposes I grind it up: using mortar and pestle with a bit of salt or sugar as an abrasive works ok for small quantities. A (very clean!) coffee or spice grinder (or food processor for bigger batches) however produces a truly spectacular, intensely orange-coloured, fragrant powder, which is perfect for sprinkling on all the things mentioned above (I totally agree with the "sprinkle on anything!" part).
bigpan March 24, 2014
Sprinkle on fish.
Sprinkle on salad.
Sprinkle on humus.
Sprinkle on shrimp cocktail.
Sprinkle on fresh malpeque oysters.
Sprinkle on roasted beets with sea salt.
Sprinkle on vodka.
Sprinkle on anything!
Sounds like a good thing to have.
Cookie16 March 24, 2014
is that strange if the product isn't hydrated? I've never used anything like this before!
lem M. March 25, 2014
I think it is. I usually dry some leftover organic orange peels, also minced; just sprinkled on top of stuff it doesn't really release too much flavor. Instead I add it to braises or fruit compotes (near the end of the cooking time). For sprinkling purposes (or when adding to a cake etc) i grind it up – either in a mortar with a touch of salt or sugar (used a an abrasive) or in a very clean coffee grinder, which results in a gorgeous, fragrant powder.
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