How much liquid is needed in homemade preserved lemons?

I'm making preserved meyer lemons as gifts, and fit 5 or 6 in each quart size jar, along with Paula Wolfert's Safi spices. I squeezed 3 extra lemons worth of juice into each jar, then ended up running to the store for additional (regular) lemons and giving each jar at least another lemon's worth. Now the topmost lemons in each jar are uncovered. Should I add more regular lemon juice? I was also a bit light with the salt, should I add more of that as well? Thank you!!

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creamtea December 22, 2016
I have made it many times, and I often have to run out and buy extra lemons for juice, but I found that if you instead squeeze and push in as many extra cut-and-salted lemons as possible (like, add an extra one or two) then you end up with more cured lemons at the end of 4 weeks instead of more juice. Also, be aware that if using Meyer lemons there is less acid than regular lemons, so they may not last as long, unrefrigerated, as with regular. I keep mine a fairly long time, but the Meyer lemon version did not last as long and turned moldy. Therefore I would recommend refrigerating; be sure and shake every day to distribute the brine.
Nancy December 22, 2016
Yes to all of Lisanne's comments about using extra lemons, Meyers having less acid and not lasting as long, shaking refrigerated mix often while it is experience with many batches is the same.
Nancy December 22, 2016
I've made that recipe and also had to add more lemon juice than called for.
Suggestions: use a spoon or other tool to push the lemons down, add more (fresh) lemon juice if still needed to cover. Seal tightly, let sit one day at room temp.
I didn't add extra salt, but you may (as its purpose is brine and will be rinsed off before serving).
If after 24 hr wait the lemons are still peeking above liquid line, yiu can either add more lemon juice or cover with layer of olive oil.
Then put in fridge to mature.
Hope this helps...
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