Will this cake be fatal?

I just finished baking a cake. Per instructions, I switched off the oven, cracked the oven door open a bit, and let it cool for about another hour. One problem: I accidentally left the gas on. Now that I have the windows open and fans running, I'd like to concentrate on more pressing issues, namely: can I actually eat this cake? Is it going to have a weird taste? Is it going to miraculously dissipate? Should I feed it to my enemies? Please advise!



epicharis April 4, 2014
Epilogue: the cake was absolutely delicious and as of 3:14 PM no one has died.
cookbookchick April 4, 2014
LOL!!! Thanks for the update, epicharis! (Are you Greek?)
cookbookchick April 4, 2014
Did you burn it or was the gas on with no flame?? In either case, taste the cake - it won't harm you - and then decide whether to toss or keep it.
Maedl April 4, 2014
Is it burnt? if so, throw it away. If not, you may be able to make crumbs to use as a topping for ice cream or a fruit compote.
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