I have a ragu recipe that calls for cubed boneless beef chuck roast. I'm planning to use something from the online grocer that is called "chuck pot roast," which is boneless. This is the same thing (or close enough), once I cube it myself, right? Thanks!



pierino December 16, 2010
Per the above answers, yes. But cut it as small as you can. A ragu is one of the few Italian sauces that actually does need to cook and break down or pretty long period of time.
ron-val-ron December 16, 2010
Thanks folks, low and slow it is...
nutcakes December 16, 2010
Yes that is it, although there are several cuts of chuck. Chuck has nice marbling, so it cooks up very tender in a pot roast or stew, it's my favorite stew meat. Remeber, after browning, cook long, low and slow. I suppose it is supposed to flake in the ragu and it will do that beautifully.
hardlikearmour December 16, 2010
Sounds the same to me. Basically a tough cut of meat that needs braising to make it tender.
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