Doubling a pot roast recipe - what about the other ingredients

Hi! I’m wanting to double a pot roast recipe that calls for 2 1/2 lbs of chuck. My question is, am I okay to double the key ingredients like the beef broth, the red wine, the tomato paste? Thank you so much :)

  • Posted by: em
  • December 10, 2021


aargersi December 10, 2021
Something like pot roast isn’t as ratio sensitive as baking so you should be fine … you’re going to need a big pot though so I’d get the meat and veg in there before adding liquid just to make sure it all fits. And as always, taste often and adjust accordingly! Better to start off conservatively - you can add more spice or salt but you can’t take back out!
Nancy December 10, 2021
Agree with aargersi.
A few thoughts on size of roast - before you buy the meat, think out which pan(s) you'll use.
If you have a very large ovenproof pot (6 quart or more) or plan to roast in a large disposable foil pan that grocery stores sell, maybe get one roast of 5 lb.
If not, get two of the original size.
Personally, I'd do two batches of the original size, because they are easier to handle and cook.
AntoniaJames December 10, 2021
Yes, I agree with Nancy. You'll get better results roasting two smaller pieces of meat. ;o)
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